Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a full child sponsorship last ?

When your sponsored child enters kindergarten (LKG) and continues his/her education until 10th Grade, your commitment will last 12 years.
If you can no longer continue to sponsor your child, please let us know so that AAZ can find a new sponsor to provide tuition.

How long does a Campus sponsorship last ?

You commit to a full school year.
If you wish, you can renew your sponsorship from one year to the next.

What is a "relay" sponsorship ?

You replace the lost sponsorship of a child or help a child who arrives in the middle of a school year.
The length of the commitment of a “relay” sponsorship depends on the class level of the student.. For example, it will last 2 years if the child is sponsored for only 9 and 10th Grades.

When does my sponsorship end ?

Your sponsorship lasts as long as your child attends our school. If the student has to leave the school for any reason, your sponsorship ends. If your child leaves our school, we inform you and suggest that you support another child who is waiting for a sponsor.
Whatever the duration of your sponsorship, know that the years of schooling allowed by you will make a big difference for the child’s future.
You can inform us each year of your wish to suspend or end your commitment.

How are sponsored children chosen ?

This task is the responsibility of the Managing Committee (MC, comprised of three members) of the L M H S (Lamdon Model High School). The president of the MC is the local contact person for AAZ.
The selection process takes place in November/December. The MC sends AAZ the list of admissions at the beginning of each calendar year. The school year begins in March and ends at the end of November/beginning of December depending on the weather.
Priority is given to the poorest children and those living in villages far from the school.

How does my child sponsorship improve the life of my student ?

You have a special bond with your child and his/her family.
Your sponsorship makes it possible to pay the teachers’ salaries.
The uniform, sportswear, notebooks, books, school material in general are taken care of by AAZ for the poorest families who have no financial resources. enabling all students in the school to have the same opportunities to learn.

How does my campus sponsorship improve the functioning of the school ?

Your contribution goes to school operation, as well as to the maintenance of the campus buildings.
Your sponsorship also coversbuilding inspections, and in the case of a problem, the needed repairs.

Is it possible to communicate directly with my child ?

Zanskar has had some 4G coverage since November 2020. If the family has a smartphone, you may be able to communicate directly with them.
It is also possible to correspond with your student via the school’s internet address during the school year (March to November) by specifying his/her name and admission number:

Is it possible to visit my student and the school ?

Sure !
Notr that Zanskar is only accessible from June to September because the average altitude is 12,000 feet.
In winter the only access route is the frozen river (commonly called Chadar) between January and February.
AAZ members are at your disposal to give you all the information you need to prepare your trip.

How can I be sure that my money is well spent ?

The overhead costs of AAZ are just 3% because all members of AAZ and the local Managing Committee (MC) are volunteers.
For the sake of transparency each year:
• The members receive accounts statements.
• Each year, two members of AAZ visit Zanskar to check the accounts, the staff, the state of the campus, and write a comprehensive report of their findings. Each AAZ member receives a copy of the visit report.

Can I choose to sponsor a girl or a boy ?

It is possible to express your choice which AAZ will endeavor to satisfy.

What happens if my child continues his/her studies beyond Grade 10 ?

Your commitment as well as that of AAZ stops at the end of Grade 10.
You can decide on an individual basis to continue to help your sponsored child.
In this case, AAZ can forward your contribution to the MC (school board of directors). The MC undertakes the transfer of this sum to the former LMHS student.

Can I sponsor several children from the same family ?

It is not possible to sponsor several children from the same family. AAZ is prioritizing access to our school for the greatest number of families in Zanskar.

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